About me and the kitchens I make

I like making things, especially out of wood. I started woodworking professionally as a furniture maker but one day I was asked if I could make a kitchen? I thought about it, did some research, made sure I could get all the materials and hardware I would need, and got started.

That was about 17 years ago. Since then I have made several dozen complete kitchens and done many utility rooms, islands etc. It's always been open to me to make fancy kitchens at high prices but instead I've concentrated on making good solid straightforward kitchens at the sort of prices my customers are happy to pay. Incidentally, my kitchens may be traditionally styled but they have all the latest features. As kitchen hardware evolves with such innovations as soft close hinges I immediately incorporate them.

Unlike large manufacturers I don't have to save every penny I can by using the cheapest materials and hardware. Instead I find it's better to pay a bit extra for the good stuff and not have to worry about my products breaking or wearing out down the line.

In order to keep my prices keen I use every bit of technology available. The kitchens are designed in CAD. This makes it easy to show customers what their choices will look like, and makes it easy for me to alter the design until it is exactly right.

Once the design is settled on I use the same CAD drawings to ensure that there are no mistakes or delays during production. Every part made is checked for accuracy so that everything fits together properly and is level and square.