MFT 8 x 4 100mm with extensions resized.

The Elliott and Nolan Multi Function Table

The Elliott and Nolan MFT was designed by me to fill a specific need, which was to be able to cut up 8' x 4' sheets of material quickly accurately and squarely.

Ours is not a large workshop and a sliding table saw with the capacity to cut 8' would have taken more room than was easily available. Doing this work with the MFT is a bit slower but it's as least as accurate, probably more so, and it's also easier to use.

Any table saw needs room at least twice that of the largest sheet to be cut, whereas with the Elliott and Nolan MFT the sheet stays where it is while its being cut, and the pieces can be easily lifted off afterwards.

If you would like to make your own then you can email me for the Sketchup file, which is free of charge.

You can download a PDF of the plans here

You can download a PDF of the assembly instructions here

PDF of the accessories needed here